The digital, sociological and ecological transition requires leaders not only to lead, but also to foster a culture of learning, trust, collaboration and accountability.
Nevertheless, only a few organizations satisfy the most important requirement for creating such a culture: the alignment, exemplarity and efficient functioning of their Leadership Team.

Ghignone Consulting® accompanies Leadership Teams with a fully dedicated ecosystem of coaching approaches and tools . Together with our clients, we go through the following steps:
  1. Identify the most appropriate functioning mode
  2. Spot the sensitive subjects with our dedicated 360° feedback review and assessment tool
  3. Enhance alignment among members
  4. Turning the cultural building blocks that regulate the organization into conscious decisions
  5. Hold the space for people’s talent, in order to enable the rise of extraordinary and purposeful performances

Downloads: White paper on the types of Leadership Teams
White paper on how to leverage the Leadership Team to enable people’s performances
Leadership Team Canvas