Leadership is not a deterministic event. In today’s world, trying to control complexity with magical recipes is delusional, if not outright harmful.

Undoubtedly, there are virtuous models that can be followed, but the essence of leadership is so elusive that it cannot be reduced to causal links between skills, behaviors, and results. On the contrary, leadership is a sum of soft skills and attitudes; it is the natural consequence of awareness; it is the result of individual qualities such as humility, curiosity, courage. Leadership is also a process. It is all these features into one.

Should the leader of hundreds or thousands of people master all these characteristics? This is no easy challenge. He/she can nevertheless light the way by turning the organization’s cultural leverages into conscious decisions. It is about becoming aware of the building blocks and nerve centers that regulate a system such as an organization.

We accompany our clients in their quest for extraordinary and purposeful performances by co-creating with them the cultural conditions for learning, trust, collaboration and accountability.