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engages Leadership Teams to become conscious enablers of people’s talents and performances.


Leadership is not a deterministic event. In today’s world, trying to control complexity with magical recipes is delusional, if not outright harmful.

Undoubtedly, there are virtuous models that can be followed, but the essence of leadership is so elusive that it cannot be reduced to causal links between skills, behaviors, and results. On the contrary, leadership is a sum of soft skills and attitudes; it is the natural consequence of awareness; it is the result of individual qualities such as humility, curiosity, courage. Leadership is also a process. It is all these features into one.

Should the leader of hundreds or thousands of people master all these characteristics? This is no easy challenge. He/she can nevertheless light the way by turning the organization’s cultural leverages into conscious decisions. It is about becoming aware of the building blocks and nerve centers that regulate a system such as an organization.

We accompany our clients in their quest for extraordinary and purposeful performances by co-creating with them the cultural conditions for learning, trust, collaboration and accountability.


The digital, sociological and ecological transition requires leaders not only to lead, but also to foster a culture of learning, trust, collaboration and accountability.
Nevertheless, only a few organizations satisfy the most important requirement for creating such a culture: the alignment, exemplarity and efficient functioning of their Leadership Team.

Ghignone Consulting® accompanies Leadership Teams with a fully dedicated ecosystem of coaching approaches and tools . Together with our clients, we go through the following steps:
  1. Identify the most appropriate functioning mode
  2. Spot the sensitive subjects with our dedicated 360° feedback review and assessment tool
  3. Enhance alignment among members
  4. Turning the cultural building blocks that regulate the organization into conscious decisions
  5. Hold the space for people’s talent, in order to enable the rise of extraordinary and purposeful performances

Downloads: White paper on the types of Leadership Teams
White paper on how to leverage the Leadership Team to enable people’s performances
Leadership Team Canvas


I grew up in Milan in a happily dysfunctional family.
My parents were co-owners of a small factory, the typical agile, client-centric and innovative Italian family business. Every dinner was a Leadership Team meeting . While alignment and accountability meant an enjoyable evening for my sister and me, misalignment and blaming were sources of tension and… everybody sent to their room!

After twenty years of living, leading and coaching in six different countries, I founded a consultancy fully dedicated to Leadership Teams and executives that want to enable people’s talent in order to achieve extraordinary and purposeful performances

Edoardo Ghignone
Founder (download bio )
Jerome Cohen
Senior Advisor
Annalisa Angelini
Chiara Cosentino


Our global portfolio includes organisations such as: PVH, L’Oréal, Kering, Yves Rocher, Dior, Luxottica, Akzo Nobel, Essilor, LinkedIn France, Generix Group, Transdev Digital Factory,, Enel, Edison, CPW, VMZinc, Eole, République française, Italian Chamber of Commerce, CNRS, Allianz, FCA Bank, Fondazione CRT.


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